If you have financial difficulty, a law firm specializing in bankruptcy may be the solution. Nowadays, many people are finding themselves in financial troubles. People are working hard but seeing little relief. A Bankruptcy law firm in Sonoma can help with the pressures many are feeling of being in debt. Some of the reasons that individuals are struggling include:

●         Being Out of Work: All sizes of businesses are shutting down, leaving many without a job and income. And when people are trying to find work, they are faced with hiring freezes. Some of the hardest hit industries include restaurants, retail stores and car dealerships. People don’t have the money to spend on these goods any longer.

●         Real estate prices: With no actual reason behind it, the price of homes has gone up and mortgage brokers are issuing loans to those who do not qualify. This is leaving them to figure it out on their own.  Some felt that buying up property to resell would make them money, but it turned out to have devastating losses.

●         Health Care: The reality is health care costs are expensive. And many organizations do not offer benefits. With the high costs, a family can go bankrupt due to a family member’s illness.

●         Marital Breakdowns: While both parties in a marriage can make ends meet together, many cannot when they are on their own.  This unfortunately leads to possible bankruptcy.

●         Credit Debt: When credit cards did not exist, people simply used the money they had. Now with higher credit limits and minimum payments, there are plenty of people in high debt.  We have become a “have it all” society and many are being hit hard by not being able to pay the credit bills.


For each of these types of situations where bankruptcy is looming bankruptcy law firm can help. No matter what caused the financial breakdown, they are there to help get things on the right path.  With their help people can breathe easier, and let go of the stress that keeps them up at night, or causes marital strife.